👩‍🏫How is Wind Different

The Wind.app Tech Stack

Wind is a blockchain wallet purpose built for payments. We remove all the complexity, technical jargons, the uncertainty, and the confusing user interface elements to make simple, global payments possible.

At it's core, Wind re-imagines how a blockchain wallet would work for everyone - bringing familiar Web2 UI on Web3 tech.

On a high-level, Wind combines the advancements in blockchain technology over the last few years into a payments product that just works.


Wind is a self-custodial wallet which means you have full control over your account. Self-custodial wallets are made to eliminate third-party interference in your account. Only you can access your funds and no one, not even us, can access them in any way.

All your funds sit on the decentralized Polygon network (soon to be upgraded to cutting-edge zkEVM). This means you will always have access to your account, even if Wind ever shuts down. Wind can never close down your account, or take access of your money without your explicit permission. This makes a Wind wallet the safest way to store your money.

Key Management

All Wind wallets are built on multi-party computation (MPC) wallets.

To create a new crypto wallets, you usually need to know your private keys, public keys and mnemonics. But not with Wind.app!

To create a new Wind account all you need is an email address - just like any regular Web2 wallet. In the backend, your private key is split in two pieces - one in the Web3Auth, and the other is with you. When you login with your email address, Torus takes those two pieces, combines them, and creates your full key.

This means your wallet is truly yours - and no one can access your funds - not even us!

Remember, we cannot recreate your key by ourselves, but you can with your email address. In case you lose access to your email address, you will also lose access to your funds. The workaround? Keep a backup of your private key! This will allow you to access your fund even if you lose access to your email address.

Smart Contract Wallet

Wind is a smart contract wallet built on Biconomy.

Smart contract wallets enhance the functionality of cryptocurrency payment solutions by introducing advanced features such as account abstraction and paymaster integration.

The user will never have to worry about gas fees or which network to use - we implement a fixed low fee system paid in the token you are sending. We use Biconomy to deliver seamless onboarding and effortless UX - going from complex multi-step interactions to one-click experiences.

User Names

Blockchain wallets have very confusing and long hexadecimal user addresses (example: 0xA3...421). At Wind, we allow our users to have a simple username like @yourname. You can send to the users @username, and in the backend we will resolve it to the users public address, just like any traditional payment products.

Stablecoin Centric

Most crypto are very volatile, and does not make for good medium of payments. Stablecoins - however - are stable. USDC and USDT are pegged to the US Dollar on a 1:1 basis, which means that every USDC can be redeemed for a fiat US Dollar.

Wind supports any ERC-20 tokens, but our user interface optimizes for USDC as it's primary token- the most trusted and regulated coin available. We are also adding support for other stablecoins such as EUROC, XSGD, XIDR and more - making Wind your multi-currency global account.

On/Off Ramps

Wind recognizes that the biggest challenge of using any payments system is on/off ramps (i.e. how do you convert your stablecoins into fiat money and back again). Most crypto on/off ramps charge anywhere between 1-3%, which can be accceptable if you are buying speculative coins and hoping it goes up 50-100%, but not for payments!

Wind has built it's own ramps which supported partners in USA, Philippines, India, Bangladesh and more, regulated by DIFC in UAE. This allows our users to enjoy almost zero-fee transfers back and forth between fiat and crypto - removing the last friction of moving money with blockchain!

Even if you are not in our supporting countries - you can use any exchanges in the countries to buy/sell stablecoins. We make the process easy!

Yield Opportunities

Nothing is worse than your money sitting idle gathering dust. So we integrated with Aave and Affine to get you up to 7%+ yield on your stablecoins.

This means that any money you don't actively use, you can use to earn some yield out of it - potentially adding to your income! Wind is not just your payments partner, but your savings account

We use third parties to generate yield. We neither have access to your funds nor hold custody of it. You should be aware of any smart contract risks before depositing your fund into any yield products

Swap / Trading

For the more adventurous, Wind allows you to swap or trade your stablecoins into any other crypto assets. So now you can also hold funds in ETH, BTC, or any of our 250+ supported tokens.

We have partnered up with 1inch to provide you with best-in-class trade execution sourced from multiple decentralized exchanges. That's how you know, you will always receive the best price for your assets, no matter what!

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